“The universe responds to whatever you are offering.” Jack Canfield

Today as I read Jack’s Success Strategies the above quote kept pounding in my head.

You are probably very familiar with The Secret by now and many of you are probably practicing it. It has gotten rave reviews as well as intense criticism. Both are valid viewpoints and depend on the depth and understanding of the layers UNDERNEATH The Secret.

It is not just about wishing, it is about ALIGNING your behavior, actions, thoughts and feelings so the vibrations you give out are in accordance with your goals. The ALIGNMENT is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. Nothing will happen without it.

Think about when you enter a room and you are just drawn to one person. Or the times that you don’t know why but you avoid someone because they always “get you down” or you just feel off center around them.

I just went for a girls weekend and we all laughed about how I must have a “Dear Abby” sign on my forehead because I had four different strangers just plop down and start telling me their stories. As I think about Jack’s quote, those weren’t random “why are they stopping to talk to me?” situations.

Think about it, my expertise is in helping people apply Outcome Thinking® so they can speak candidly but non-judgmentally with others. When applied properly this means you constantly give off a non-judgmental vibe to others that makes them feel safe, trusted, and able to take a deeper look at themselves. So if that is the vibe I give off to the universe it makes sense that others would instinctively see it and respond to it.

This means you need to look at all happenings in your life and business and look at why you are getting unwanted responses. If you are launching a new product or a new phase, think about what you are really offering. Is there clarity? Will it confuse people? And believe me, if it confuses your marketing people about what distinguishes it from the market or why you are even making the product, that is the exact response you will receive the universe.

Think about the Coke and Pepsi challenges. Remember how Coke responded by changing their soda to be more like Pepsi? Remember how ticked people became and how they had to come back with Coca-Cola Classic? During that time do you think Coke was sending out vibes that they were confident in who they were, what they offered, and why people chose them? Or were they sending out vibes that they were scared that Pepsi was going to overtake them?

To play your own game you need to wholly own who you are, who your company is, what you are about, and why people need your product or service. People need to palpably FEEL this from you. The moment you have lost it is the moment the universe responds with the same confusion that you feel. Sales are lost, production goes awry, and you begin the scramble.

So start each day with the clarity of what you want to give out that day, who you are, and what you have to offer. The strength will come from your consistent and positive vibes that can’t help but attract people to you.

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