Do you really model your core values? 

If you say you want a highly accountable and strategic team, you need to have values that create that.  The values become the employees’ guidelines on how to make decisions, to prioritize, and to treat others.   

So, if a leader says their value is to treat people fairly but that same leader does any of the following consistently, then they are inconsistent with their values: 

  • Doesn’t give concrete deadlines or details 
  • Let’s some people on the team do things a different way because they are hard for others to work with, but the leader is too scared to lose their knowledge 
  • Flip flops on ideas and directions based on what is happening around them 
  • Doesn’t stand up for and protect their team when things go wrong 
  • Doesn’t give the team the credit when things go well 
  • Doesn’t give their team exposure to upper management so they can be more visible 
  • Doesn’t do reviews on time (which by the way informal reviews should be quarterly at least) 
  • Doesn’t check in with their team to see how they, as a leader, can improve 

To treat people fairly a leader need to: 

  • Call people out when they are making work harder on others 
  • Get all to adhere to the same standards 
  • Give opportunities for their team to shine rather than them to shine 
  • Give people who are difficult the opportunity to change or to leave  
  • Stay consistent in direction and openly talk if there will be changes coming 

Take a moment to write out the values you want to model.  Then start the ones you need to work on.  Only select one at a time to work on until you actually change and model it. 

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