The Building of a Leader

“I am organizing an Easter Egg Hunt for the neighborhood today and I wanted to know if your children will be coming?” said the confident voice on the other end of the phone. With a smile on my face I told Megan that absolutely Rory and Ce’Anna would participate. I was told to bring nothing but the children and to be there at one o’clock.

When the clock chimed one the kids and I set out with plastic bags stuffed in my pockets for their treasures. When we arrived at Megan’s house I saw all the other neighbor kids lined up with their parents anxiously dancing around. Some kids had baskets in hand and others had nothing in which to put their treats.

I wondered what the poor children without bags would do with their treats. Their little hands could only hold so many.

But no fear, see Megan was prepared with plastic bags for each child. She also had simple rules that everyone was to follow: if you find an egg, it is yours; leave the easy ones for the little ones; and there are 50 eggs hidden.

The kids charged all over and when all eggs were found, Megan gathered everyone around her while she gave each child a special bag with a small treat or gift inside. With wide happy grins the children set out for home.

At 11 years old Megan has begun to master what it means to be a leader. I watched both kids and adults listen to her directions and follow her orders to a “t”.

You see good leaders are not born; they are created. It starts at a young age and develops. I think the challenge today is “what kind of leaders are we developing?”

Five traits of a good leader include:

  1. Taking control of a situation
  2. Creating events rather than waiting for them to happen
  3. No fear or boundaries they are not willing to cross
  4. Thinking of all consequences and preparing for them
  5. Strongly asking or positively telling versus apologetically questioning

Megan exhibited all of these traits at her tender age yet I see some adults struggle with this well in to their forties and fifties.

Do you exhibit all of those traits?

Remember leadership is NOT a position; it is a way of thinking. I have seen receptionist command more respect and leadership than some management. So take charge today and not only be a leader but develop leadership in your children for they are our future.

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