Tenacity is a gift or a curse depending, not on how you use it, but on what you ANCHOR it on.

Tenacity is a gift if you are diligent about sorting out and questioning to get all the facts on the table and removing negative assumptions, opinions, or inferences.  Then once you are looking at the facts you can then open your brain to looking at new ways of doing things.  You can improve upon past mistakes and you can proceed where others say it is impossible.

That is just what Juhammad Yunus did when he wanted to start a bank for the poor in 1972.  He studied the problem and found that the average amount a person needed to start a cottage industry in Bangladesh was $27 but the banks didn’t want to do loans for such a small amount to people who had no collateral.  Juhammed thought there must be a solution here.  So he studied all the banks and did the exact opposite!  All his loans are unsecured, based on trust, given to those who have little and are given on the faith of the long-term dream.  Most of the loans are given to women who want to provide for their family.  And the bank is a huge success for the last 39 years!

He had tenacity to believe in his dream; he studied factually what was happening, and then used his persistence to make his dream happen when others told him it was ridiculous.

Tenacity based, not on fact, leads to judgmental thinking and stereotype thinking.  You see this every day when businesses don’t realign with the customer requests or needs.  This is when businesses die off.  Currently tenacity is hurting the training industry as there is so much belief that people have to be in a classroom to learn.  In reality what they need is an effective way to make learning happen daily.

So here’s your Take Action:

When you are working on something ask if your tenacity is working for you or against you?  Is it based on facts or opinions & assumptions? 

Tenacity used properly is a powerful tool.

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