Here are a couple of additional tips on how to match your presentation to your situation by targeting your message:

  • Once you have a feeling (by looking around their office) of what may be most important to them, start by sharing with them how your product, service, or information will help them achieve that. For example, “Bill, I’m here today to share with you how our Four Step Process will help your salespeople win more sales. In order to do that I would like to briefly chat with you about some of the challenges that your salespeople face in trying to close sales.”
  • Right from the beginning of the meeting listen carefully to the types of questions or statements they make. Do they ask you questions that seem to be about how your product, service, or information will give them greater stability? Better recognition in the marketplace? More control over their business environment? Or more accuracy in all that they do? Just focus on sharing information that shows how your product service or information gives them what they need.

This ability to fine-tune by listening carefully to what they are saying will help you to condense an hour-long discussion, leaving more time to talk about the key items for that person. Remember, people usually have only one or two things that they are hoping to learn during the conversation with you. Your job is to find out solely what those one or two things are. So stop talking and start listening to the other person.

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