Talent versus Communication

Which has more of an impact on your career being high in communication skills so you behave and speak in a way others relate to or being highly talented or skilled in a certain area?

This certainly is a question worth debating and worth contemplating. Can you effectively have a great career with only one?

Yes. But the better question is can you have your best and most stress free career without both? The answer is no.

To test this, just look at athletes. Think of Michael Jordan. His behavior, his words, and his actions on and off the court matched the talent he had on the court. People wanted to see more of him and people trusted him.

Now think of Randy Moss. He is extremely talented but his actions and his words turn people off. My guess is that if he finds himself injured his entire career would be over. There is nothing he offers besides his speed and ability on the field.

Whereas Michael Jordan’s character is so high that his value is still there long after he is done playing.

In your work I am sure you can think of players on both sides of the fence- those so talented that people let them be eccentric and aloof and those that balance the people side with the talent side. The really talented people are secure AS LONG as their talent is in need and it is hard for the company to replace it.

But the real security comes in the person that combines both since the company will see them as highly trainable and an asset to the team.

Just think about it. Let’s say you are putting a team together and you have the choice of putting on someone that is highly talented but difficult to communicate with and work with or a person that is slightly lower in talent but motivated, strong at rallying others around the project and easy to get along with. Which one would you pick?

Take a moment to think about how others view you and how much job security you are creating by combining your talents with strong communication skills.

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