In our last post, I covered when to think in terms of a sunrise. Today, we will look at when to think in terms of a sunset as a leader.

The beauty of a sunset is that it puts things to bed. Once that sun climbs over the hill, darkness comes. It means that tomorrow things can be renewed once the sun comes up.

You want to sunset anything holding you back. So grudges, conversations you replay over and over, anger, failures you are embarrassed or ashamed of-are all examples of what to sunset.

Now, here is the trick— the only way to successfully sunset something is to truly change the story you attach to it. We have had leaders that had “problems” crop up again and again. They tried tricks and training to overcome but no success. The reason is that your behavior is ALWAYS driven by your beliefs and your beliefs come from the “stories” you attach to events.

We had one leader that kept micromanaging their team. It meant no relaxing vacation for the leader as they always had to check-in. Once we helped them uncover where this came from, we were able to rewrite the story. The result? They went on a 3-week vacation and NEVER checked in!

You can do it. And if you need help we are here for you.

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