Have you ever wondered how you can really know what a person is meaning or saying?

There is an easy way to know what a person is really thinking- just listen to how they talk about things in good and bad times.  People will ALWAYS tell you how they think (why they would do something) as they interpret for you why they think someone else did something.

So for example; Sandy asks her husband to go to the store and pick up some items.  He comes home with three of the items but misses two items.  Sandy is frustrated and says, “You never pay attention to what I say and then just do what is easiest for you.”  What Sandy is really telling you is that when she doesn’t want to pay attention to something she is going to do what is easiest for her to do and she ASSUMES that you will do the same.

So pay attention to NOT ONLY the words people say but the THINKING PATTERNS they are sharing.  In a job interview it is ALL I recommend you listen for as you will quickly see how a person will or won’t fit in to your team.

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