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The art of effective public speaking is not out of reach, our Outcome Focus® Coaching Seminars are designed to give you practical information that you can apply immediately to important public speaking events. If you are motivated to make a change or you want to inspire your people to grow in new directions, then success tools are a must for you. These effective public speaking tools have a PROVEN effective track record. As a matter-of-fact we guarantee your satisfaction or your money back.

Make your next public speaking event more effective and last longer than the day by giving all of your attendees a personal copy of our book about the art of public speaking!


  • The World's Most Dynamic Negotiators Share Their Passion For Persuasion.Featuring Anne Warfield, Herb Cohen, Jim Hennig and Bob Danzig.
  • If you have ever wanted to say the right thing at the right time, then this book is for you. Anne shares why traditional communication doesn't work and shows you how to shatter paradigms so you connect better with others.You will learn three easy principles so when you speak people want to listen to you. Hardcover.Get your book autographed to make it special!
  • #1 Wall Street Journal  |  #6 New York Times  |  #1 Amazon.comNew York Times best selling authors, Ivan Misner and Don Morgan have now produced the latest in the Masters Series of books.Masters of Sales Read over 70 stories from true "Masters of Sales" including: Brian Tracy, Tom Hopkins, Zig Ziglar, Anne Warfield, Martha Stewart, Harvey Mackay, Jack Canfield, Jay Conrad Levinson, Tony Robbins, Tony Parinello, Keith Ferrazzi, and many more.Secrets From Top Sales Professionals That Will Transform You Into A World Class Salesperson.
  • Stop trying to build a PowerPoint presentation! How To Structure Your Message So They Hear It, is a compilation of questions and answers that have been put together by Anne Warfield, asked by professionals on how to build a speech or message so your audience hears it.Anne has included, not only HOW to say it, but actual Scripts that you can use to put together a memorable presentation.
  • Be one of the first to receive all 5 books today on HOW to build a memorable presentation with this invaluable series of HOW to books!Anne Warfield, one of the top speakers in the world today, will take you on a journey starting with building a consummate presentation that is dynamic and authentic in a style that is tailored to you and your audience.This one of a kind ensemble takes you through a series of practical question and answer style scripts that is a page turner!
  • This question and answer style book includes valuable How To's for the sales professionalHow do you develop a follow-up plan that confirms that a session accomplished what it was supposed to?In a meeting with a sales prospect, you want to close by recapping what was agreed on, what the next steps are, and how you will follow up. Most sales people miss the opportunity to find out from the client how they want you to follow up with them. Some prefer phone calls and some prefer e-mails. If you find out in the meeting exactly how to follow up with them, and agree on when, then you are not pestering the client.Make sure you have included all the decision makers if you set another meeting! Notice how we went from a mild follow up of, "Sure, I'll send you information," to a closing situation where you get in front of the decision-makers. The worst thing you can ever do is to merely send a proposal and hope and pray that they buy from you.
  • For the last fifteen years, Anne Warfield has trained executives from around the world on "HOW TO" communicate, negotiate, and present so they are compelling, concise, and engaging.This process has generated questions from our clients that have resulted in some of the most insightful, inspiring, and invigorating parts of the Outcome Focus Approach. What you hold in your hands is a compilation of those questions on how to understand and interact with your team in order to become MORE productive.
  • Most books don't tell you HOW to say it, they just tell you what to do. How To Become One With Your Audience, is part of a series of insightful, inspiring and invigorating question and answer style books customized from what executives around the world have been asking.Anne Warfield has put together actual scripts that you can use to understand and connect with your audience.
  • Have you ever wondered what a person is thinking but not saying? Well, wonder no more. With this book you will be able to finally understand the nuances of body language.Learn how to know if a person agrees with you or disagrees with you and what to do about it.
  • Have you ever wondered what a person is thinking but not saying? Well, wonder no more. With this book you will be able to finally understand the nuances of body language.Learn how to know if a person agrees with you or disagrees with you and what to do about it.

Online Training

  • What if you knew when you opened your mouth you would say the right thing at the right time?The Outcome Thinking® Success Club will help you influence outcomes by expanding the way you think, listen and speak.  You will find that as you remove mental barriers you will see new opportunities emerge.You can work independently on getting Outcome Thinking® to work for you with this eight-week program!
  • Have you ever felt that no one hears your ideas? Ever felt frustrated by something a team member said? Ever wished your entire team executed under high trust?

    Studies have proven that teams that have a high trust and rapport with each other tend to be happier, more creative and collaborative and have less stress in their lives. Work should be a place to REJUVENATES you, not one that depletes you.
    Successful Communication starts with Outcome Thinking® – a brain based communication strategy created by Anne Warfield.Strategic communication is the key to getting your idea’s heard effectively so that people take action on what you say! Our motto is that action creates results.The first step in communicating with Outcome Thinking® is to understand your true Brain Style. Knowing your brain style will help you create strategic communication that moves people to action.We have shared these concepts in live training and private events and with advances in technology now we will share these secrets with you via virtual learning, saving you time, money and resources.After This Session You Will Know How To:
    1. Maximize your brain style in order to be more influential
    2. Speak to team members in order to ensure you get cooperation
    3. Speak about controversial issues without setting other people off
    4. Frame things so your ideas are accepted and respected
    5. Be more strategic with your boss
    6. Motivate others across the organization
    7. Build accountability, respect and trust as a team so you always have each other's back

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