“We are looking to get some negotiating tips.” 

The prospect was a bit surprised when I said, “are you just looking for tips they may or may not utilize or are you feeling you are leaving too much money on the table or harming relationship with how you negotiate today?  Because we can definitely help you with the ladder but if you are only looking for tips there are much cheaper solutions for you than us.” 

When you are trying to be a partner, it means you need to meet your client where their needs are.  We are not good to hire for just tips because we are all about changing brain pathways for long-term results.  It is why so many clients call us 10-20 years after going through our programs to tell us the impact on their personal and professional life.  It sticks with them because their brain actually changed in the process. 

It is our secret sauce.  When you know your secret sauce, you know its value of it.  When you know the value of it, you stop trying to sell it and instead help customers with whether or not it will be right for their organization. 

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