There are ways you can keep bringing in new customers and orders. All it requires is that you tailor your approach. Follow these simple steps:

  • DRESS UP: If you want to stand out above your competitors, and keep finding new business when things are tight, then dress for success.
  • MANAGE YOUR CLIENT BY LETTING YOUR CLIENT HAVE THE CONTROL: A client’s biggest fear is that you’re going to harass their family, friends, or colleagues, and that it’s going to reflect poorly on them. By getting into the habit of working with your customers on their own terms, you make it much more comfortable for them to pass your name on to others, or vice versa.
  • BE A RESOURCE FOR YOUR CLIENTS: By becoming a resource, being able to refer your customers to other reliable professionals who can help them solve their problems, you give them a reason to call you. And the more frequently they call you, the more business you’re going to see. At the same time, following this strategy is likely to bring you referrals from other professionals, too. If you were consistently getting new work from one of your contacts, wouldn’t you want to send some of your clients their way?
  • TURN OBJECTIONS INTO BENEFITS OF DOING BUSINESS WITH YOU: It’s a good idea to give your prospects five or ten benefits they get from working with you, in terms that are relevant to them.

To distinguish yourself from the competition, keep these guidelines in mind. Once you do, you’ll be head and shoulders above the rest, no matter what the economy is doing.

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