…to set up the right net in the right way.

Imagine that you are looking at putting in a new deck. You call a company and the sales person comes out and talks to you all about the decks they build, the quality they offer and the way they can get the deck done. You decide to have them build your deck. How do you feel when they call you six months later to see if you now want them to build you cabinets? Or furniture? Or a new floor? Or a new addition? Are you excited? upset? annoyed?

Most likely as they jump around telling you all the other projects they can do you are annoyed because you didn’t ask for any other projects. Their persistence may even make you start to dislike your deck that you were totally satisfied with just six months ago.

What happened? If you did a great job on the deck, why wouldn’t that prove to the customer that they need you in those other areas?

In sales, I find people rarely analyze where their business is coming from, what is stopping it and what they need to do in the sales process to open up the client to more opportunities. With the Excavation Method, we show sales people how to set the first sale up so it automatically generates more sales after it. We show you how to make the client stretch their mind frame so they see the deck as just one small thing you do and they crave the other skills you have to offer. Take a moment today to analyze your business. Where do most of your sales come from? Where do they get blocked? How can you set the sale up on the front end to remove that block?

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