It was the opening statement for the financial discussion.  People were used to complex figures done in sequential order while every person rolled their eyes, yawned and got lost.

Heidi opened with “What you do not measure you can not understand. And what you don’t understand you can not change. So I am here today to make sense of the numbers so you can measure and change what needs to be changed.”  The entire executive board perked up.

Heidi then proceeded with laser like focus to hone in to certain numbers and explain what they meant and what decisions needed to be made.  People loved it!  She got more accomplished in half the time and she said more with less.

See it is not about showering people with information but rather about giving context to the information so people can take action.

Take Action:

To learn how to say more with less and be more significant:

1. Take a newspaper article, pick out the key concepts and then try to summarize in one to three lines the importance of the message.

2. Imagine how you could use that article to open a sales call, describe a conflict, or open a team meeting.  What different twist would you put on it? What information would be relevant? What information would no longer be relevant.  As you go through this process you will be teaching your brain what information to hold on to, what to toss out, and how to formulate it with a new twist so it has impact.

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