I took up golf again after a 10 year hiatus.  It has been brutal.

I finally got my long game back and am driving and hitting the greens in 1-3 shots depending on the par for the hole.  So you are probably thinking, wow she must be a 10 or lower handicap by now.  Wrong!

See the big problem with my game is my accuracy.  When you are hitting a drive or a long wood shot if your accuracy is off a few inches it really doesn’t matter.  But when you are hitting a chip or a putt accuracy is every thing.  You miss by an inch and that is an additional stroke. The problem is my inability to read the green.  I need to be able to accurately see the fine nuances of the green to know if the ball will break left or right.

Just like in golf, if you want to improve the accuracy of your results you need to be better at reading the little things that can derail you from your goals and objectives.  In actuality the accuracy of your results will be in direct proportion to the accuracy of your thoughts.  Do you aim for high goals with the expectation that you may meet them or do you aim for high goals and then set your thoughts on HOW to achieve them?  There is a big difference- one is about being optimistic and the other is about optimizing.

Take Action today and look at some goals you want to achieve in the next 30 days.  Check in on the accuracy of your thoughts in regards to this goal.  Are they driving you to action? Are they getting you to reflect and debrief on what you do that guides you toward that goal and what pulls you away from it?

Start learning to read your own green so you can perfect your game!

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