I was a Northwest Frequent Flier, now it is Delta.  Many things changed during the merger including how you get status, maintain status, how you get upgrades, etc.  But really none of those bug me.  My husband gets a little bent out of shape that we don’t get “bumped” up as often as we did before.  I deal with it.

But you know what really bothers me?  It is the change in how they send the itinerary to you.  Northwest had an email that contained all the flight information right in the email.  Delta sends you an email with an attachment of your itinerary.

Here is the problem:  On my blackberry when I saved all my flight schedules from Northwest, it was easy to open them up and see all the information right away.  Now with Delta, I save the email but over time the attachment no longer opens.  So there I am, at the airport, trying to figure out my next flight.  We have had to go back to printing a hard copy or having someone waste time by cutting and pasting my itineraries and emailing them to me.

See, I told you it was a little thing but to a frequent flier it is a major pain in the….

So here is your take action: What are you doing in your business that makes it more efficient for you but less effective for your clients?  Can you change those?

Remember the race is usually not lost by miles but rather by inches; the small things are the inches.

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