Stop trying to sell and start trying to figure out how they buy. The number one reason most people fall into the “just another sales guy” trap is because they talk about their product or company and assume that will create the desire  to buy. It never does!

So don’t even start talking about you. Talk about your customer, what you know about them, what you know about their company, what you know about their needs, and how you will help them satisfy their needs.

It’s really as simple as that. When people are looking at your product or service, they really have one or two key issues they are hoping your product or service will solve. All they really want to know is if you can solve those problems. Most salespeople believe the compelling reason people buy is because they find out how great the product or company is.

What you need to do is find out what the customer needs. Then, present solely on how you will solve those needs. This means, if you’re selling a telephone system, you may need to talk in detail only about voicemail to one customer and to another customer you may need to talk only about how your phone system will work with remote access.

Don’t try to sell the world, just try to help them buy what they need for their world. He who talks too much loses the sale. My motto is that a customer should speak 70% of the time and you should speak 30% of the time.

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