If you have ever had a person say, “Can you send me a proposal on that?” or “Will you detail that out for me?”  What they are really telling you is “I am still skeptical.”

Sending them materials at that point is the death knell.  You might as well throw it in the trash can.

What is better to do is work on finding out all the barriers up front.

“I would love to do that.  What we have found works best is not to inundate you with materials but instead to candidly look together at why this will and won’t work. If we were to have that discussion who else would need to be a part of it.”

Notice how I moved past the objection, “put that in writing” to “who needs to be a part of this discussion?”  Why did I do that? Because if you are asking for a print out it is usually because you need to present it to someone else for approval.  In that case you want to be in front of the decision maker directly.

Now there are times you will need to send materials but it should be less than 20% of the time and when you send them it should be a confirmation of what has already been agreed on so really you are sending an Action Plan to implement rather than a proposal.

Manage the sales process by getting all the obstacles out immediately rather than praying your proposal gets accepted.

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