We have all seen that car we just had to have or that top that couldn’t wait to tomorrow and we impulsively bought it.  What usually happens after those purchases is an intense discussion within your brain AFTER the sale has happened.  Now this discussion might not crop up until a few weeks later.

That is the moment that 90% of the time results in buyers remorse.  You start thinking, “why did I really need that?

In sales, the last thing you want is buyers remorse.  This is where you lose the contract after you thought it was solid.  It is where they go back to their other supplier to tell them they will be working with you and suddenly they get sucked in by the old vendor offering a new price and you are suddenly asked to lower and lower your price.

The brain gravitates to relieving pain more than toward gaining pleasure.  When the brain sees the pain of where it is at, then changing becomes the option they must take.  When looking at pleasure the brain weighs that against staying status quo.  Usually staying status quo becomes more attractive- after all, how do I really know you can do what you say you can do?

That is where you need to have client testimonies that support all you share.  Your prospects need to see you understand their pain, have dealt with similar pain before and that you can produce results they can rely on.

So watch your brain over the next few days.  Watch how with pleasure you do a double check- “is this what I want? “while when with pain you move to “how do I get away from this pain?”

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Outcome Thinking : Getting Results without the Boxing Gloves