Yesterday we were running a Sales Excavation program when one of the individuals lit up.  She said, “I get how this differs from any sales program I have gone through.  This is about the strength coming from a base in humility while most sales programs get their strength from us knowing more and from a sort of arrogance.”

I had never thought of it that way but she is right.  Think about the people you would do anything for- they are most likely people you have a high trust with because you know they have YOUR BEST interests at heart.  They won’t try to get you in to something that won’t work for you.

I always walk in to a client meeting thinking, “I only know about 30% of what we need to uncover today until we can get a solution that fits you and your needs.”  I don’t assume I know what they want or what they need.  I find that in using the Outcome Thinking System for Sales Excavation, that often the client isn’t aware of what they need either.  Our discussion starts with the symptoms that they see and the prescription of what they think will fix it, and then the magic begins as we uncover together with Outcome Thinking what is really the root of the problem and how it can be eradicated forever.

That process is where the trust is built.  It isn’t about pushing, selling or persuading.  It is about truly listening and probing at a depth that brings the entire situation to light in a whole new way.

When you sit to talk with someone ask if you are pushing or if you are listening- truly listening- to them and their needs.  You will build more trust when you come from energy and humility.