We have a tendency to want to look at a picture and figure it out.  Have you ever stared at one of those pictures that has a hidden image?  You stare and stare at all the squiggly lines until all of a sudden they recede in to the background and suddenly a picture of something 3D pops up.

So was the 3D picture always there but we just didn’t see it?  Of course.

It makes me wonder how many things in life contain another complete picture if we only allow our brain to let what we see receded so what is hidden is suddenly revealed.  I think speaking with clients for sales and speaking to your team as a leader is very similar.  You need to be able to let what the other person is focused on and seeing recede into the background so a new mutual picture can emerge.

What I like the best is that the picture that emerges never looks flat in dimension but instead looks to be 3D.  It actually “pops” out at you.

Just for this week, I would encourage you to sit back and observe from a different level.  When someone says something to you, instead of letting your usual “story” supplement what they say, take a moment to really dig in and “hear” what is not being said.

Take time with your customers to understand the picture as they see it before you engage in trying to change the picture.  Instead let a new picture emerge as you work together.

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