Think It Through using Outcome Thinking®

This seems like an easy riddle. The majority of you sent in the answer 5 because it seems logical that you take 5 butts and make one cigar, so if you have 25 butts you have 5 cigars.  What you forgot (all except Sean who got it right!) was that once the Hobo has smoked the 5 cigars he made, he will now have 5 butts left to make one more cigar.  This means he can get 6 cigars out of 25 butts.

What can you get more out of?  Are there business relationships that you are only looking at from the surface level so you are missing opportunities to get that last element out of it?

In sales, are you so focused on your obvious products that you are missing out on the ability to cross sell in to a whole new area?  Keep stretching your thinking!

Your Riddle For The Day:

Fill in the blanks using the same three letters at the end as at the beginning in the same order to find a place where water flows free: _ _ _ ERGRO _ _ _