Thinking at the Speed of Light: Two critical ingredients you need to succeed!

With things moving at lightning speed and facing situations you have never faced before, how do you ensure you think fast and obtain optimal results? How can you know if someone on your team has what is needed to lead in uncharted waters?

In this session you will learn:

  1. What rock, paper, scissors and marshmallows have to do with success
  2. What you can do to increase your thinking speed
  3. What the “common spoon” has to do with blocking your productivity
  4. What naturally blocks people from collaborating and what you can do to raise collaboration

For sales, this session will help you see why you get stuck in client discussions and what you need to do to break through with ideas.

For leaders, you will see how to unblock your thinking and what to look for in new hires and people to promote to ensure the greatest success for the team

Come join us for a journey in to the brain to uncover how to Think at the Speed of Light