Have you ever…

  • Watched a person walk in a room and they just command authority?
  • Wondered what the elusive quality is that makes someone see you as having executive presence?
  • Wondered, not only what it is, but if you can learn it?
  • In this fast paced session I will share with you the keys to executive presence and the ONE secret ingredient that most can’t voice but can feel.

You will discover:

  • What it is
  • How to learn it
  • How to start exuding it

Leadership is a way of thinking, not just a position.  I can guarantee you though, those who rise up fast do so mostly because of this ONE SECRET ingredient and their ability to demonstrate it.  No it is not confidence, not knowledge, and not visibility but something far more important….

You will learn:

  • The three mistakes most people make that COMPOUND the problem
  • How to have the tough discussion
  • How to move your boss from looking for your next mistake to looking for how to promote you