How does your past impact who you are as a leader?  Are we creating leaders today that are drastically different than leadership of the past? In this webinar we explore the top traits of leaders and how the leadership styles of those under the age of 35 compares to those over the age of 40.

You will find out:

  • What are the differences in the two leadership styles and where do you fit in?
  • How each style impacts an organization’s culture and decision making.
  • How you can maximize the two styles to become more effective as an organization.
  • What part do backyard games and the dinner table play in how you lead?

This webinar comes out of work Anne Warfield has been doing with executive groups around the world.  You will hear about Anne’s groundbreaking research on leaders.

Anne has found distinct differences and impacts that come from these two styles of leaders.  This webinar will explore stories and examples from CEO’s across the globe. You will see how this impacts teams and their ability to be more candid, credible, make quick decisions and deal with the elephants in the room.

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