• What if you knew when you opened your mouth you would say the right thing at the right time?The Outcome Thinking® Success Club will help you influence outcomes by expanding the way you think, listen and speak.  You will find that as you remove mental barriers you will see new opportunities emerge.You can work independently on getting Outcome Thinking® to work for you with this eight-week program!
  • Have you ever felt that no one hears your ideas? Ever felt frustrated by something a team member said? Ever wished your entire team executed under high trust?

    Studies have proven that teams that have a high trust and rapport with each other tend to be happier, more creative and collaborative and have less stress in their lives. Work should be a place to REJUVENATES you, not one that depletes you.
    Successful Communication starts with Outcome Thinking® – a brain based communication strategy created by Anne Warfield.Strategic communication is the key to getting your idea’s heard effectively so that people take action on what you say! Our motto is that action creates results.The first step in communicating with Outcome Thinking® is to understand your true Brain Style. Knowing your brain style will help you create strategic communication that moves people to action.We have shared these concepts in live training and private events and with advances in technology now we will share these secrets with you via virtual learning, saving you time, money and resources.After This Session You Will Know How To:
    1. Maximize your brain style in order to be more influential
    2. Speak to team members in order to ensure you get cooperation
    3. Speak about controversial issues without setting other people off
    4. Frame things so your ideas are accepted and respected
    5. Be more strategic with your boss
    6. Motivate others across the organization
    7. Build accountability, respect and trust as a team so you always have each other's back
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