Here are some five examples of Principles:

  1.  First, determine how you would like the customer to view your organization.  Do you want your customer to rave about you, to see you as the best value, to desire your expertise, to see you as the thought leaders or to be fully committed to you?  Once you have determined this it becomes the foundation to look at how you make the client “feel” this message.

2.  Second, determine how you would like your clients to describe you.  For example in our organization we use the term “Lexus Mentality” to keep in mind that we always want to do things on the high end for our customers.

3.  Third, determine the rhythm or atmosphere you would like to have in your office. Believe me, every office has a rhythm and atmosphere.  You can either manage it and have it work for you or let it define itself and thus manage you. You may determine that you want to feel like family, a community, a creative network, energetic, or calming are a few examples.  You should shape the energy and attitude you see in every person every day.

4.  Fourth, think about the discipline you would like to see people have every day.  The mindset and behavior each person needs to exemplify should be listed in your principles and values.  These could include things such as no excuses, full accountability, accepts criticism openly and non-defensively, and meets deadlines and commitments.

5.  Fifth, think about the long-term growth of the company and where you’d like to be positioned in the marketplace.  You should have a principle or value that aligns with the future vision of the company.  Are you going to be the best in the industry?  Are you going to be the leading cost-saver in the industry?  Are you going to be the fastest at delivery in the industry?  Think about what will differentiate you from all your competitors.

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