During the Grammy’s tweeting peaked at 10,901 Tweets per second according to Twitter.  So is that success or is success when your audience is so absorbed with what you are saying that tweets STOP until after you are done speaking?  That is what happened when Jennifer Hudson did her tribute to Whitney Houston- not one tweet, peep or even chirp was done until AFTER she finished.

Tweeting is a great example of what how important it is for your audience to feel a part of the action of the presentationUnfortunately PowerPoint has gotten so prevalent that your audience can become bored while you are speaking.

As a speaker you need to think about your audience so that each time you talk YOU are the one INSERTING them in to your presentation.  Make it about why what you are saying is relevant to them and their lives.

To truly speak from your audience’s perspective requires  FOUR  things:

1. You must leave your ego outside the room.  The point of your presentation is not to validate your point.  You are not the primary point. You are given the privilege of speaking because the audience is expecting that what you say will help them in some way.  Make sure you honor that.

2. You must first think about them- how will what your sharing make a difference for them and what do they need to know in order to put it in action?

3. You  must be succinct.  Weed out all the extraneous information and points that aren’t relevant for your audience.  Now often these points are what excite you the most, give your group the most recognition or that you have spent the most time on.  They are irrelevant if they don’t help the audience to do what they need to do.

4. Think in terms of 3- 3 points anchored by 3 stories or examples that bring the points to life.

When you capture your audience so fully that they come alive during your presentation and feel you are speaking to just them, that is when the tweets stop.  They no longer need to INSERT themselves in to the presentation but rather just absorb it.  After you are done is when they will start wildly tweeting about you!

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