People have to hear or see something about eight times before it sinks in permanently. So don’t shy away from repeating points in order to have them be remembered.

What you can do is vary how you tell them, give new supporting data, give a new example to support the information, or relate the point to the audience.

Emphasize your main points by anchoring them visually (with a story or example) or numerically (with first, second, third, etc). This will help people recall what you shared.

Another way to emphasize main points is to continually tie what you are currently saying to a previous main point. Suppose you are giving a presentation on change and you have made the key point that change is constant and people must adapt to it. You can re-emphasize that point later on by saying, “As we are talking about the changes in the fall leaves, that really ties back to our conversation about how things continually change and it is up to us to adapt to that change. Could you ever imagine telling Mother Nature that you will not accept any more seasonal changes?”

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