Steve Jobs was a master at it.  He built suspense from the first time he emerged with his Mac in a bag to one of the last times we saw him speak about the new iPhone.

Most people don’t know how to build suspense, capture interest and move the audience.  Whenever you speak you should be compelling enough to move the audience to action.

Here are some quick presentation skills tips on what you can do to make your presentation more focused and engaging:

1. Let the audience know right up front what they will get in the time with you.  Let their brain start to focus on the result they will have in hand.

2. People are mostly interested in themselves of focus your presentation on how what you are saying is relevant to them.  Even using the words, “this is important to you because” works! Don’t assume they will know the WHY behind what you are saying.

 3. Build in the human element.  Stories that relate what you are talking about to every day challenges and issues can be a huge connector and hit.  Stories engage the full brain of those listening and removes skepticism.

TAKE ACTION:  Use these three quick presentation skills tips to make your next talk more about them, less about you, and engage them right away.

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