One of the most awkward things to know is when to move from chitchat to getting down to business. You certainly don’t want to look like you were thinking, “Thank goodness we have that out of way, now let’s focus on what’s important.”

The only way to smoothly go from an informal conversation into business talk is to create a style of communicating and presenting that is as natural as chatting with the person over a cup of coffee.

While you are perfecting this, develop some smooth transition lines that flow from your tongue naturally. These could include the following:

“Bill, I am excited to be here and chat with you further about this opportunity.”

“So, for today, we want to focus on how this new project will help your company reach its goals.”

Your lead in should clearly share with the group what they will be covering in their meeting with you.

Before you say your transition line, it’s important that you let a natural pause fill the space. This assures that you are not trying to hurry up the informal conversation and move right to what’s most important to you.

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