Presentation SkillsThe hardest part people struggle with is how to open up their presentation so they can make a strong impression.  So let me give you an easy way to open a presentation or a discussion that works whether you are speaking to a large crowd or one-on-one.

It is so simple that you will actually think, “you’ve got to be kidding.”

So before I give it to you, let’s briefly examine why the opening is so important and why we so often can mess it up.  When you stand up and present your brain jumps in to protect you.  This desire to protect you leads your brain to ASSUME you must dazzle the group with your brilliance, wit or intelligence right off the bat.  Now notice who your brain has you concentrating on- YOU.  It makes you the most important element.

This assumption, along with your brain putting YOU at the center, will cause you to create an opening designed to IMPRESS the audience.  This can come off as pompous, arrogant, condescending or just plain off key.

So when you stand up to present I want you to focus your mental energy on one thing- YOUR AUDIENCE.  Simply build an opening that relates to them and that tells them why what you are saying is relevant to them.

Let them know you understand them and their needs and that this is NOT about you.

That is it! So simple yet so profound when you do it.

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