We associate heart attacks with overweight, high blood pressure and low exercise.  So when a ten year study comes out saying that eating a piece of dark chocolate actually decreases your chance of heart attack by up to three fold and decreases blood pressure by 49% you are decidedly skeptical.

So what is it about dark chocolate that makes this true?  Well dark chocolate (has to have 60% cocoa) has what is called flavonoids that stimulate blood flow; it boosts the mitochondria (your fuel cells for more energy); and triggers production of serotonin and dopamine (both create happier moods and reduce stress).

There is a lot of good DARK chocolate does but it also comes with a caveat– the amount you need to eat is about 1.5 oz 2-3 times a week.  So this isn’t an excuse to eat a gluttonous amount but instead requires consistency.  I have a skinny girlfriend who has dark Dove chocolate squares in her freezer and she eats almost one a day.

Now let’s take this story with you having to present to your team why they need to do something that seems to fly in the face of what they know.  Take a moment to read the article on chocolate and craft how you would use the information from it to open up a group discussion.  Post them below so you can continue to see how creative and bright all of you are. The entire Chocolate article can be found at www.newsmaxhealth.com or by clicking here.

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