Body language is an essential part to how people hear your message.

According to Ray Birdwhistell, noted anthropologist, 60% to 90% of a conversation is interpreted through body language.

The easiest way to make sure your facial expressions, posture, and body language enhance your presentation is to videotape your presentation so you can see it from your audience’s perspective.

One thing I will mention here is that if you become overly theatrical with your presentation, your body language will not be as believable to your audience. You need to make sure that you remain authentic. In other words, are you the same person in front of the audience as you would be if they ran into you at the gas station?

Your body language will always match your beliefs and thoughts. Therefore, if you are giving a presentation that is hard for you to deliver because it contains bad news or news you feel people won’t agree with, you absolutely need to practice it in front of a video camera to see what your body language as saying.

In the Outcome Focus® Approach to presentations, we actually spend in-depth time shattering traditional beliefs about presentations so you can be assured that your body language proactively matches your message.

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