At Impression Management Professionals, one of the things we talk to executives about is the very first time you meet a person, you simply have to listen to what type of questions they ask, how they share information, and look at what type of surroundings they set for the meeting. If you observe these things, you can tell within sixty seconds the Communication Style of the person you are dealing with.

A strong Producer style will want you to meet in their office or conference room. They will rapid-fire direct questions about the value of your product or service. They will want to speak about them in a succinct and concise manner.

This is in contrast to the Networker style. A Networker will usually be running a little late, they will want to get to know you first, and you will find you will spend 60% of the time on chitchat and 40% on business.

The Analyzer will want to get to the business at hand immediately. They will have a list of questions they want answered and will want to proceed in the exact order of that list. They will want little or no chitchat, and they will want factual information. You may leave this meeting describing it as dry.

The warmest style is the Connector. This individual will usually want you to meet either in their office or conference room. If you meet in their office, they will have warm and friendly family pictures and a comfortable office sitting area. They will often like you to guide the meeting. They will ask a few questions, usually focused on the people side of whatever you are discussing. You leave the meeting feeling they were extremely polite.

Once you get to a meeting and using your Presentation Skills, simply listen to the types of questions that they ask. If they’re asking a lot of questions that are focused on value or profit, then you’re most likely speaking to a Producer. If they ask you a lot of questions about how your product or service works, they are most likely an Analyzer. If they ask you questions about who else is using your product, or how it will assist their company to being more recognized, they are most likely a Networker. If they ask you questions about the impact your product or service will have on the lives of their employees, most likely you’re dealing with a Connector.

Once you figure out the communication style of the person you are dealing with, you can more easily focus your presentation on the areas that are of most interest to them. This will allow you to give the maximum presentation in the minimum amount of time. For if a person is going to buy from you solely based on the profit your system will give their company, then really that’s all you need to focus on during the presentation.

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