Let’s say your company is working on a merger or acquisition and you are one of the executives in the know about it.  This puts you in a tough spot because legally you can’t mention anything to your team even if they directly ask you about it.

This is where I see many leaders fall down in our Executive Presentation Seminars.  See your body language reveals your thoughts so while you are telling them, “there is nothing to worry about” your shifting eyes and feet are telling them there is something to worry about.

Here is how to handle news you can’t share using your new Executive Presentation Skills from Impression Management Professionals:

Simply say, “if i knew anything that I could share I would.”  That statement is truthful so your body language should match and not be fidgeting.  The reality is there will be times that as a leader you are privileged to information that you can’t share due to several reasons.  If you feel that this is not fair, you will never be able to look your team in the eye and execute as a leader.

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