Executive Presentation Skills

  1. There are usually one or two individuals in each group that will feel compelled to interrupt you or to speak up to demonstrate their knowledge.
    The first thing you want to do is go with the audience, rather than against them. This means that you do not fight the person while you are up on the platform.
    Here are a few quick tips using Executive Presentation Skills  you can use to deal with constant interrupters:
  2. 1. Remain quiet for a moment after the interruption, and then resume speaking as though that person never interrupted.
    2. Piggyback your next bit of information onto what the interrupter said. For example, here’s some of what you will learn at our Presentation Skills seminars…let’s assume Bill has interrupted you to say he feels the best way to get people to participate is to directly call on them by name. You might say, “Thanks for bringing that up, Bill. Many people assume that the best way to get participation is by directly calling on people. What studies have found, however, is that actually can intimidate your audience and stop them from truly interacting with you So, let’s look at ways that you can get your audience to best interact with you.” Now you have effectively moved the audience from where Bill distracted them back to focusing on your message.
    3.   If the person constantly interrupts you with questions, you can briefly answer their question, but don’t conclude with eye contact. If you make eye contact with them at the end of answering the question, it will entice them to speak again.
    4.   If you notice anyone preparing to interrupt, try not to make eye contact, for he will feel compelled to speak again.
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