Presentation Skills

There is nothing so frustrating as sitting across from a person who makes you feel insignificant. So let me give you some Executive Presentation Skills  to deal with people who make you feel it is “their way or the highway.”

First of all, you need to realize that there are two types of individuals that fall into this category. The first type is the individual who feels insecure and therefore clings to their position of dominance over you. The second type is the Producer. Producers like to have facts and information delivered in a concise manner, to look at two or three options, and then make an informed decision.

Therefore, a Producer, if they’ve done the research prior to meeting with you, will have very little patience in listening to multiple choices. Instead, they will want you to give a direct answer that fits with the solution they already have in their mind.

You may be  asking, “How can I improve on my presentation skills with different people?” Each type needs to be handled differently.

Let’s take the person who feels insecure. In this situation, you want to do whatever you can to promote a more cooperative environment. There is a way to do this. The “my way or the highway” is not meant to make you feel inferior, but is really designed to make them feel good about themselves. So if you’re able to make them feel good about themselves in another way, this will allow them to let go of having to be righteous or have their own way.

If you are talking about a sales situation, you need to realize that their insecurity is what’s causing them to come off as arrogant. Therefore, your goal should be to help them feel more informed and knowledgeable during their interaction with you. If you go into immediate attack mode with this person, they will shut down and keep you out.

If you are in a sales situation with a Producer, it is best to ask direct questions that allows them to share the information they’ve gathered. For example, “Jessica, it sounds like you’ve done a lot of research in this area and have a fairly good idea of what you want. Since you have done so much work, let me ask you a few questions so we can focus on your direct needs.” Whatever you do, make sure you keep your presentation and interaction brief and to the point. With this individual, it’s also best to ask assumptive close questions. Assumptive close questions are ones that infer what the other individual is thinking.

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