Presentation Skills

Remember those old Coke and Pepsi challenges?  Remember when Coke got scared and started to follow the market instead of lead?

It was a disastrous period for them as they came out with the “New Coke.”  People started screaming for their old staple and pretty soon Coke Classic came out.  Now we are back to Coke being Coke.

It has been fun to watch them move back in to a leadership position.  Showing their executive presentation skills their newest creation is the Coke machine that will make over 1000 different varieties of drinks!  It is like an Ipod for beverages!!

I watched at Dairy Queen as people that do not usually consider beverages were scrambling to get to the counter and buy a beverage just to try it out.  It reminded me of kids at a circus!!

So ask yourself, what have you done lately to innovate and drive your leadership position in the market?  What have you done to innovate within your own company? Don’t take a back seat when you can own the front!!

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