Kate Middleton is all the rage right now.  People are watching and comparing her to Princess Diana.

What we see on the news is the poise, the kindness, the shy drop of the head and the elegance of the woman she is today.  There is a lot to the story of what made her who she is.  Matter-of-fact, the gift she is asking from people is to donate to a fund to stop bullying.  She was bullied as a child and it is part of what made her who she is today.

My point is your past and future are completely entwined.  They never separate and actually sit right next to you in every business meeting you are in.  The critical voice you formed at age 4 is the voice that talks in your head (I know, not very sophisticated is it?) and for the most part, your self-esteem is formed at age 12!  So the past is very important to pay attention to and learn from.

Here is how you can make your past a present to your future:

1. Write down what has happened in your past that has impacted you.

2. Write down all your thoughts about the event, what impact it has had and why.

3. Then re-learn any lessons that AREN’T moving you forward.  For example, if you had a bad experience presenting as a kid so you hate to present at business meetings you must reverse that learning or else you will continue to struggle mentally and emotionally with every business presentation.  You will literally starve your career. Find out more about how you can get executive presentation skills and learn more at ImpressionManagement.com!

4. Become less judgmental of others.  Just like your past has impacted who you are today, you must realize the same is true of EVERY person you meet.  I can’t tell you how many people I have coached who are great looking, smart, and absolutely shy.  I find that when I interview people in the company about the individual I run into a lot of judgment.  Why? Because people think “if I was that great looking and smart I would be able to talk to anyone.”  Therefore, they all assume that the shy person is actually not talking to them because the shy person is arrogant.  An assumptive jump that has no basis in fact.

Take a good look at your past and how it impacts your present.  Reverse all of the negative lessons to be ones you can GROW from.

As a leader, this is actually a critical step in moving your company forward as I guarantee your past is impacting all the decisions, direction and interaction you have with the team today.

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