Executive Presentation Skills

I am sitting looking out my window at the most dismal Spring day you could find.  It is filled with cold blustery wind and rain.  Not what I dreamt of this morning.

Matter-of-fact it is very disappointing yet I am sitting here smiling and walking with a bounce in my step.  Why? Because I choose to see the blooming that is coming.  I am focused on the growth of what will come OUT of today rather than what today is giving me.

How many times as a leader do you breeze into work and suddenly your day is no longer what you “pictured?”  How many times as a sales person have you put your all into a sale only to have them call you and say, no go?   It is at these exact times that you can’t be determined by what is on the outside but rather by what you are bringing forth from the inside.

It is the one thing you have complete control over. The leaders I have found who have the most balanced teams are ones who are balanced themselves.  They see the good and bad in themselves.  They don’t defend the bad but instead give others permission on how to manage or call them on the “bad.”  They continually  work at growing and changing because they believe they can only lead by constantly putting themselves at the next level.

Today focus on your own internal garden.  What do you do to restore you?  How can you create better balance, insight and strength for yourself today?
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