How do I make sure they understand what I said?

Networkers have a tendency to not be as interested in facts as they are in gut feeling and intuition. Of the four communication styles, Networkers are most likely to do things because “it feels right.” Therefore, too many facts can actually cause Networkers to avoid making a decision or saying “no.”

If the person you’re meeting with tends to be more intuitive, you will want to make sure your presentation is geared toward sharing with them how your product, service, or information will help them with their relationship with others, or give them greater stability.

They will be more interested in seeing examples that include personal stories, client testimonials, clever analogies, or thought-provoking questions. They most likely will want to have a good feeling for you and will want to know that you like them.

All facts you share with them need to be straightforward, and if critical, repeated often. If you’re meeting with a non-fact-based person, I recommend that you follow the meeting with an e-mail that recaps what was discussed in the meeting. This is because many non-fact-based people have a tendency to recall information inaccurately, and they are often the least likely to take notes during a meeting.

Therefore, you can run into situations where they don’t recall what was actually agreed to. They don’t do this because they are trying to change the facts; it is because they’ve actually forgotten them.

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