Right now it is snowing outside.  I am not a huge fan of snow especially considering that we have enough snow here this year to create a 20 foot wall of snow with all the snow that has been pushed out of the department store parking lot.

But there is something beautiful about snow.  Its purity when I look out reminds me how a good choice of words can smooth over what was going to be an ugly situation. I like how it clings to the trees drawing your eyes upwards.  It reminds me of how easy it is to praise someone and how much it makes them draw their head up higher and reach to accomplish more.

Snow also brings out the tenacity in you.  Even though you just shoveled, all your hard work can be undone in just a matter of hours.  But you don’t just sit and complain about it. Instead you get wrapped up and head out to do it all over again because you know EVENTUALLY you will DEFEAT the snow.  I think at times we forget that perseverance pays off and instead we want to sit and complain when things don’t go our way.  Just get up and do it all over again!

Snow changes the landscape as you see it.  It softly crunches as you walk on it.  It lets you see your clear path behind you as you walk.  That reminds me how easy it is to want to follow someone else’s path instead of creating your own.  There is something so rewarding though about seeing how far you have come and seeing that you blazed that trail.

So what will you do today to change your landscape?  What nice words do you need to rain down on someone?  What can you say to turn an ugly situation around? What trail do you need to blaze rather than waiting for others to do it for you?

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