In order for others to clearly act on what you said they need to clearly understand the “why” of what they are doing.  So be clear about WHY you are presenting and HOW you expect the listener to utilize what you share.  Keep it simple and focused on the audience, not you.

For example, there is a big difference in what I will say if I am looking to have you grow sales with new accounts versus if I want you to grow existing accounts.  The activities I emphasize to have you do will not be the same.  I should also be clear on WHY I want you to grow the accounts as well as HOW to do it.  Most likely I will invite you in to the HOW process so you own it rather than me.

Lack of clarity is one of the big reasons why people don’t take action on what you say.  Remember the brain can easily focus on three things at one time.  Once you get past that people have a tendency to take NO ACTION and stay status quo instead.  So keep it simple, keep it focused, and keep it about them and not you.

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