It is 4:30 PM.  You are relaxed in your office when the phone rings.  It is your boss telling you that she has been able to get you a slot to speak to the Senior Management about your team’s project that you have been working on for 10 months.  The bad news is you need to present TOMORROW at 10 AM.

That is when panic sets in.  At this point most people resort to opening up their PowerPoint and dumping in all they can.  There is very little creativity and high level thinking because you are panicking and thinking, “how do I get this all across to them in 30 minutes?”

Here is a simple thing you can do to unleash your creativity at any time so you make sure you right and left brain are working together.

Simply put on Mozart.

Studies have found that playing Mozart will increase your creativity by over 65%!!  Now they don’t scientifically know why that happens but there is something in his music that engages both sides of your brain and creates connections.

Think of Mozart like opening up exit and entrance ramps in your brain.

Test it out!  Grab some Mozart music and play it while you are trying to work creatively on your projects.

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