The biggest mistake I see people make is they present to Senior Management the same way they would present to their peers or their team.  Remember the higher up a person is in an organization, the larger the picture they have of problems and issues.  Think of moving up through the ranks of management like a helicopter that climbs higher and higher in the air. On ground level you only see things right in front of you, but when you get very high in the air, you can see for miles and miles.

So this means that when you are presenting to upper management you need to THINK about the problems and issues from THEIR perspective, not yours.  It is your job to show how what you are talking about fits in to the corporate GOALS, VISION & MISSION.

Don’t give them a presentation that shows, step-by-step, how to do a financial system for the organization.  What they want to know is how the financial system will make the company more productive, save time, increase accuracy and impact the bottom line.

When I coach CEO’s, one of the biggest frustrations they have is they feel people tell them what they think they want to hear versus what they need to hear.  Remember the CEO doesn’t want to be protected from problems, they want to be prepared to deal with them.  Think “no surprises” versus “no mistakes”.  They would rather have “no surprises.”

Bottom line, even though they are brilliant and they have final say, they are not looking to TAKE OVER your job.  Instead they want you to be the executive of your area and let them know the why and what in perspective of the company’s goals and objectives.

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