Your boss calls you up and ask if you can get in to see a client tomorrow.  You know you need to have a focused tailored presentation but you have no time to do it?  What do you do?

Most people at this point take a hatchet and start putting different presentations together.  You end up with a cluttered mess that you can’t talk fluently through and the client feels trapped in the Twilight Zone while you present.  Neither of you are happy.

Instead just think about what your audience needs to know and why they need to know it.  Stop putting in all the great things your company has done.  They don’t care about that until AFTER they have decided to use you or buy from you.

Now take your recorder and review what facts and situations you will share and why they are important to your listener.  Then play them back so you can listen objectively as though you were the client.  Look for where your logic doesn’t hold up and what information is missing.

Do this several times until you have a tight flow.  Then and only then can you create your slides.

This will keep you from having too many slides and too little on the clients.

Remember you are not there to impress the listener, but to connect with them.  So just relax and have a good time!

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Thinking at the Speed of Light: Two critical ingredients you need to succeed!