I find it ironic that the number one fear is suppose to be public speaking–it is even above death!  As Jerry Seinfield said, “That means you would rather be in the coffin then giving the eulogy!”

So where does the fear come from and how can you manage it better?

A study by the University of Michigan revealed:

  • 60% of our fears are totally unwaranted.  That means the things you fear don’t even come to pass.
  • 20% of our fears are based on the past.  That means they are out of your control.
  • 10% of our fears are so petty that they make no difference at all.
  • Of the remaining 10%, only 4-5% are real and justifiable fears.

Literally 95% of what you worry about does nothing more than occupy your mind, suck your energy and hamper your abilities.

Here is a quick formula to get rid of fears:

Ask your self the following three questions-

  1. What is the worst that will happen?
  2. What is the best that will happen?
  3. What most likely will happen?

Make a quick contingent plan for the worst that can happen, then spend your energy on what most likely will happen.  Once your brain knows there is a contingency plan for the worst that can happen it will often let that go.

If you can’t even deal with the worst that can happen, then don’t take action!

This quick path will calm your brain and let you focus your energy proactively.

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