Outcome Thinking® Presentation Skills

Universally I will tell you most people build a presentation or discussion around their point of view with the thought being you will “get it”.   The problem is the other person is listening from a completely different perspective so they can’t even “hear” what you are saying.  And thus the world spins around and around as you move no where.

So here are some ways to insure you and your audience connect:

1. You have more to lose than your audience if they don’t “get” what you are saying. This means 100% of the ownership falls on your shoulders, not theirs.

2. Think about the outcome desired and why it is relevant to that audience.

3. Speak from that perspective.

We had a client who was going to be speaking to builders at a convention.  His company makes cabinets.  His frustration was that in the past whenever he talked to the group the people attending who were window manufacture, plumbers or other areas didn’t listen to him because they had no interest in cabinets.

The next one he spoke at he came from the point of a tree.  He had the group laughing, interacting and even had some window guys come up to him to see how they could collaborate and refer more business to his company.

So expect that the adaptation is done by you, not your audience when presenting.

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