Alec Brownstein decided he didn’t like the rejection route of interviewing so he approached it in a new and novel way.  He purchased Google adwords with the keywords being the full names of people he wanted to get interviewed by.  The ads cost him $6 each.  So imagine if he wanted to interview with Apple.  He would buy the Google adword “Steve Jobs” and any time Steve Jobs did a search for his name up would pop this ad, “Hey Steve Jobs, googling yourself is fun. Hiring me is fun too.”

Needles to say, of the five executives he bought adwords for, four of them contacted him and interviewed him. One hired him.

Take Action: What inventive way can you approach a problem that is sitting at your desk today? Clearly, Alec didn’t follow the conventional rules but instead used innovation to get results.

Take a moment to take one problem and brainstorm all the unconventional ways you can solve it.  Don’t debate whether they will work or not- just go for ideas!