You know, one of the hardest things for sales people is to keep their presentation fresh. You can almost see when the person hits autopilot and starts sharing with you “Here’s where we are, here’s what we do, and here’s what we can do for you.”

The presentation becomes as boring to the prospect as it is for the sales person giving it.

The way to stay fresh with your presentation is to simply focus on what you want the audience to do and why they should want to do that. Now, please note that in sales, never think that you want to persuade, convince, or sell to your audience. If you think any of those three things, your body language and wording will be pushy and aggressive, and you will talk at your prospects instead of with them.

Put yourself in the prospect’s shoes, and think about how you can add value. Ask probing, excavating questions to uncover their true “buying” need.

Once you start doing this, it does not matter how many times you’ve done this presentation as it will always remain fresh for you.